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 PBA helps with Obama CareProfessional Benefit Administrators can Help You


We at Professional Benefit Administrators  take pride in simplifying the decisions of our clients while helping them find maximum value for all of their benefit needs.

Professional Benefit Administrators has had extensive experience since 1989 which gives us the opportunity to expand and adapt to the ever changing benefit arena. We look forward to assisting you as well.

Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc.Obama Care

Innovation • Dedication • Personal Service

Call us at (800) 762-4130/(407) 671 7331

Quotes about Professional Benefits administrators:

“You are to be commended, as is your organization, on your
customer service attentiveness and professionalism”
Law Firm, 150 Life Group

“Thanks for all you do for us. I appreciate having someone (well all of you there)
who is so quick to respond to our needs and questions as well as so efficient in their job”
Publishing Company, 500 Life Group

“We love you guys so much.”
Packaging Company, 300 Life Group

“I want to wholeheartedly commend you for your customer relations.
I was amazed not only with the effort to answer my questions, but also the calmness with which you did so.
You never got irritated or made me feel like I needed to rush.”professional benefits administrators
Employee, City Government 600 Life Group

“Being a customer service representative for over 15 years with fortune 5 companies,
I know the importance of customer service reps because they represent your company.
I received clear precise answers to every question and concern I had.
I would like to send my deepest gratitude for cultivating such good service reps.”
Pharmacy Distributor, 350 Life Group

“I only wish all my TPA’s were like you”
National Pharmacy Benefit Manager