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Solving your COBRA & HIPAA problems

From COBRA’s early stages, we have provided our clients with the expertise that ensured safe compliance and rapid administration. Our extensive history with COBRA’s volatility has driven us to be on the cutting edge of the law’s evolution. We have become well accustomed to COBRA’s complexity. Our COBRA software is designed to provide infallible compliance and immediate administration.

The penalties for failing to follow each COBRA regulation are severe. We have been administering COBRA since its beginning and our established flexibility is a guarantee that we can master all of your COBRA administration needs.

Managers today face a highly competitive, tumultuous business climate. Our extensive expertise and full service package is an invaluable service to those who wish to relieve their staff of the overwhelming complexities of COBRA.  Here is a presentation of our full COBRA service package.

  • Provide new hires with initial notification of HIPAA and COBRA rights

  • Mail COBRA qualifying event letters to exiting participants

  • Track the coverage periods of the COBRA participants

  • Arbitrate qualified beneficiaries eligible coverage rights

  • State-of-the-art compliance software that provides rapid COBRA administration

  • Provide instant, secure access to all of your COBRA activities via our website and by e-mail

  • Professional staff who deal directly with your COBRA participants, providing advice for all of their concerns

  • Full data administration; record storage, data management, and frequent reporting

  • Send HIPAA Certificate of Credible Coverage to terminating COBRA participants, which is required when coverage ends

  • Monitor the election times of COBRA qualified beneficiaries

  • Handle all of your COBRA premium billing and collection processes

  • Document proof of compliance for your legal security

  • Promptly term coverage for untimely premium payment or other disqualifying factors, protecting your company from covering ineligible participants

  • Determine if your participants’ are entitled to Medicare

  • Helpful automated self-service tools available 24/7 on our website. Continuants learn about their COBRA rights, obtain claim status, or verify premium status